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What’s In Your Carpet?

Most homes have carpets in them, and even tho they bring warmth and comfort to our homes they are a perfect home for microorganisms such as mold, mildew and dust mites as well as being a breading ground for flea’s, carpet beetles and more. If […]

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Carpet Cleaning at Bowerham, Lancaster

One of this weeks carpet cleaning jobs was at Bowerham, Lancaster.  The job was done for a young family who had been living in this accommodation for 7 years.  Although they had looked after this wool mix berber carpet the children have had a few […]

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Carpet Cleaning at Galgate, Lancaster

  Today i cleaned stairs and living room carpets at Galgate, Lancaster.  I did a pre-inspection on Sunday to find out the carpet type and condition of carpet so i knew exactly how i was going to clean the carpets, on this occasion after a […]

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