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Why should you vacuum your carpet’s regularly?

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Why should you vacuum regularly?

Vacuuming is a very important step in keeping your carpets clean and in good condition for longer, if we do not vacuum regularly dirt, grit and soil will become embedded into the carpet and becomes abrasive like sandpaper. This can cause the fibre’s in the carpet to become pitted and scratched giving a dull faded appearance as well as looking worn. If you have wool carpets or wool rugs and you are planning to be away for a long period of time it is very important to make sure regular vacuuming is done to avoid moth infestation. Moth larvae feed on crumbs, pet and human hair and dead insects, by regularly vacuuming this will reduce there food supply as well as catching any adults, larvae, eggs and pupae from the carpets, fabrics and upholstery. Using a HEPA filter in your vacuum make sure you get into area’s such as under furniture, edges and corners, curtains, window sills, wardrobes and draws …etc.

As well as keeping your carpets in good condition regular vacuuming is also a major factor for improving the air quality in your home especially good for those who suffer with allergies. For those who suffer with allergies vacuuming your carpets should be the last process you do in your cleaning regime, when dusting it is best to start at the highest level and work your way down making sure you get into all those difficult places using the appropriate tools that come with your vacuum. Another important area that needs special attention is your upholstered furnishings and mattresses regular vacuuming of your mattress, pillows, cushions and under the cushions is a good way of reducing dust that attracts dust mites from feeding on. Dust mites love different types of dust but most of all human and pet dead skin cells, the mite’s gut contains potent digestive enzymes that persist in their feces and are a major factor for allergic reactions.

So now it’s time to vacuum your carpets. The best way to vacuum your carpets is by slowly moving the vacuum over the carpet several times in different directions making sure you get into all the corners and crevices. Remember to clean your brushes and change your air filters regularly as well as changing your vacuum bags when they are half to two-thirds full or as soon as the bag is full indicator comes on.

How often should you vacuum?

Using a good quality vacuum ….

  • Vacuum daily in high-traffic area’s
  • Vacuum twice weekly in medium-traffic area’s
  • vacuum weekly in light traffic-area’s



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