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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

We sit on our sofas, our kids jump on them, and our pets sleep on it. Fact is our furniture gets lived on, just like the clothes you wear. Regular vacuuming & cleaning of your home’s upholstery is vital to the air quality and healthiness of your home.

Our cutting edge upholstery cleaning technology leaves your sofas, chairs feeling and smelling fresh and clean. We are able to clean your most delicate upholstered furniture and leave it clean and dry faster than ever.

We also specialize in deodorisation and pet stain removal as well as stain protection treatment. This helps keep your furniture clean long after we are gone.

Cleaning Process

When we arrive at your home your Upholstery will be tested to identify fiber type (Natural or Synthetic) and stains to establish what they are. ¬†Once we have discussed it with you and you are happy to continue with our service we will then proceed…

  • A Thorough Vacuum
  • Spots & Stains Treated
  • A Safe Pre-Spray Applied
  • Agitation of Pre-Spray
  • Hot Water Rinse & Extraction
  • Towel & Turbo Dried to Reduce Drying Time
  • Optional Stainshield Fiber Protection

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