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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Types of Rug Cleaning We Offer

1. On Site Rug Cleaning

(Regular Maintenance Clean)

At PH Cleaning UK we offer two types of rug cleaning to best service your needs. For regular maintenance cleanings we are able to clean your rug just like the carpets in your home. For more detailed cleaning or for certain types of rug cleaning (pet stains for example) we will require to take your rug to our Cleaning Facility and give it the full treatment.

2. Off Site Rug Cleaning 

(Collect & Clean)

Your rug will be tested to make sure it is wet cleanable, and taken to our cleaning facility where all the dry soils will be removed and then fully submerged in a solution specific to your rug type and cleaning issues ( Urine Contamination, etc…).  It will then be rinsed and dried and delivered back to your home.

Stainshield can be applied to protect your rug against accidental spillages at an additional cost.

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