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How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?


Cleaning Carpet

Frequently used carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, a little longer for infrequently used carpets or sooner for those who suffer with respiratory, allergies or have pets.  Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis and before they become heavily soiled.  Allowing soil to build up will reduce the life span of your carpets.

When enquiring about a carpet clean insist on an in-home quote this way you will be able to get a firm price for the work to be carried out.  Never go with an estimate that sounds to good to be true, you get what you pay for.  You always want to be sure that you’re going to get the right quote so you don’t end up with extra charges after you hire someone.  There are a number of different carpet cleaning methods but the best bet is to follow your carpet manufacturer’s recommendation because you do not want to risk voiding your warranty.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guide

According to the institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration (IIRC)


Light Soil:

  • Vacuum twice weekly
  • Carpet clean by a professional every 12 to 18 month’s

Medium Soil:  ( Small Family)

  • Vacuum Twice Weekly
  • Carpet clean by a professional every 6 to 12 month’s

Heavy Soil: (Families with Children, Pets or Smokers)

  • Vacuum 3 – 4 times weekly
  • Carpet clean by a professional every 3 to 6 month’s

Extreme Conditions: (Large Families with Multiple Pets)

  • Vacuum Daily
  • Carpet clean by a professional every 2 to 3 month’s





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